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a public apology

dear old navy,

i'm sorry i've stayed away for so long.

i know you didn't mean to offend me last winter when you tried selling me those cosby sweaters. but still. i was offended. not to mention that that's what started my campaign of trying to convince spencer we should dress in akin sweaters for our '07 xmas card picture, with the caption reading, "wishing you all a very 'cosby' christmas." good thing he talked me out of that one. he was right. it's been done. and been done better.

but i digress.

i thought i had you all figured out, old navy. with your fleece pullovers, khaki capris and americana tees. well, i was wrong. and i'm sorry. sorry for all of the rolled eyes and gagging sounds i exhibited over the years in your behalf. that was immature of me.

so to prove my new appreciation for you and all that you do, i would like to give you the "official thumbs up".
for not only making acceptable baby boy attire. (why it's so hard to find a non-carpenter/cargo pair of pants and plain color tee in toddler size is beyond me.) but for also making your fall line totally awesome and totally affordable. oatmeal raglan cardigan on sale for under $15? ahhh, old navy. you make my heart swell.

and of course it's bound to fall apart in the first 3 washings. after all, that is your m.o. but i get what i pay for with you. i know that. i'm just happy that we can be friends again.

all the best,
(you know me. the girl with the screaming 2 year old in the middle of your store who everyone is shaking their heads at. -- not my fault, old navy. not my fault.)

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