if i could be any poet...i'd be dr seuss

From ours to yours:
take 1

This past year has been a slow one.
There’s no new news from us.
So here’s a brief glimpse into our mundane…
(It’s nothing exciting, so don’t get your hopes up.)

Spencer’s currently serving in the bishopric,
(Not real sure what that’s about.)
and Kayleen, busy with the little boys,
is once again a college drop-out.
(But if you ask her she’d say,
“I’m simply taking a semester off”.)

Owen and Elliot are now 3 and 18 months
and have a ton of energy.
They play and fight and run amok,
and think it’s a real riot to gang up on us.
(They make for quite the team.)

We’ve kept Santa (a.k.a. Grandpa Willis) on our speed dial all December long.
To keep the boys in check with empty threats,
whenever they choose to do wrong.
Saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho. Listen to your mom and dad.
For there’ll be no presents Christmas morning if I hear you’re being bad.”

One phone call was all it took to settle those boys down.
(If only we had thought of this sooner…
it could of been Christmas at our house all year ‘round.)

A very merry Christmas and hugs for everyone,
the reeds: spencer, kayleen, owen, elliot

reeds' resolution for 2009: a whole lot more p.d.a. (everyday)


the MomBabe said...

Okay, the PDA pic is WAY cute.

Jen said...

I totally agree, the PDA Pic is so sweet. Love ti!

Camille said...

Sweet. And props. But I think I liked the PDA picture better.

Zach and Whitney said...

Ha ha I love that your dad pretends to be santa clause. I am going to keep that in mind when my kids are crazy. Cute picture.

jaime said...

personally i hated the PDA picture.
geesh kayleen. yuck.
and the worse part is that you look like you were enjoying it.

j/k of course.
it warmed my heart.

p.s. that santa hats were the hardest.
p.s.s. have you made your chain yet to countdown to the crew reunion?

cheerleader said...

Who knew you had such talents...poet too! Love it and hope your pda comment was a joke. One can never quite tell for sure with you!

brady lady said...

nice, that's all i got to say

sarah said...

there was a poem? i wish you would have calligraphied that on the back of my poster. that would've been so much more merry.

ps - i have no idea what to do with that picture. you know i can't get rid of it, but what's the other option? framing? that might be too creepy.

kayleen said...

scrapbook it.

(actually...could you just frame and hang it in your sister's room? thanks.)