christmas is

  • leafball fights
Picnik collage 5

  • (non)snow angels
Picnik collage 3

  • cousins ("please. no pictures.")
Picnik collage 4

  • matching adidas tracksuits, flu ridden kids, family, tearing open gifts, stocks in town, smith brothers jerky, storms rolling in, rock band 2, homemade pizza, princess castles, baby mountain dew, racketball bandanas, shirts off, bucket head, refurbished ipods, and bootleg twilight--quite possibly the best gift ever.
Picnik collage 6


Jen said...

Love the leaf balls.
I actually want to get some pics of Katelyn w/ all the leaves & i have been checking out all the neighbors homes. Your front yard tree rocks.
You may be hearing from me.

Merry Christmas!

chelsea :: stock said...

i posted then got uncomfortable with my post. I think preggo-town makes me chicken.

thanks again for petra's track suit. I LOVE it. she'll be sporting it in the (very) near future.

merry christmas. loves.

Anonymous said...

Bucket on head, that is funny because Ellie and Avery both did that today. Aaron's family was making fun of them saying they must both have high IQs. Merry Christmas! I just made my really late treats tonight. You can maybe expect one tomorrow, if I get that far.


jaime said...

A bootleg version of twilight? Is this a legit version or did spencer hit up the theater with a camcorder?

And I think I know what we should do when sara gets here.

diana rose said...

bootleg twilight? why didn't i think of that, i should've given you a photo block of edward instead.

sarah said...

"...the best gift ever" ??? holy smokes. is spencer so hacked that i won this year? ha.

kayleen said...

sar...excluding your gift, we officially concluded this year as a "tie". (our first christmas tie ever.) i'm a little hacked that i couldn't pull out another win this year. i knew i should've shelled out for the carpenters box set, rather than just the greatest hits.

sarah said...

ok, this is my day-after apology for a gross comment. i was going to delete, but you responded to it.

i'm so embarrassed.

brady lady said...

great pictures, need i say more?! merry christmas.