i'm way more hip-hop than originally thought

...and i'm usually a few years behind everything as well.

there was one thing in my letter to santa this year: a simple request for a mixed tape(cd) of the latest and greatest hip-hop/pop songs. a little rihanna, some chris brown, and a whole lot of mrs. beyonce...you know, whatever the kids are listening to these days.

i attribute my new appreciation for this genre of music to my recent conversion from the ipod to fm radio. that or the super mixes they play on repeat in aerobics ("...let's get physical") class. either way, i'm sold. and ready to dance.*

so you can imagine my excitement when a friend presented me with an early christmas gift.
a girl after my own heart
thanks linds. (you're a girl after my own heart.) and now i can get crazy all on my own, outside of the gym's aerobics room. -- a very merry christmas to me indeed.

*that's funny.


the MomBabe said...

As long as you don't move into hard core gangsta rap, we can still be friends. maybe. I'll think about it.

Jen said...

I love that you are so excited about it:)

jaime said...


you go girl.

maybe when i come home for christmas we can go clubbin'.

spencer said...


chelsea :: stock said...

um. I love rihanna. umbrella? loved it.

that picture is weird though. seriously.

kayleen said...

jaime...let's go. i have the perfect little sequined number for just the occasion.

spencer...don't act like you don't know me.

chelsea...don't act like you don't know me.

katelines photography. said...

sometimes i like radio music. okay, alot of the time. that's right, i can hang with the best of them.

Blake said...

Get kanye's new album and ofcourse some select edited tracks from lil Wayne "carter 3" album

jaime said...

blake. you're killing me.

love your formerly very hip hop sister,


blake said...

well when your forced to listen to the local hip-hop station in the warehouse for about 6 months straight you get familiar with some tracks.

make sure "no air" is on that mix cd too.

kayleen said...

"no air" is phas-ing me.

alex said...

i am also way behind on my hip-hop. my current weakness: m.i.a. - all i wanna do. i don't even want to know what this says about me.

(by way of introducing my blog-stalking self, i found your blog through angela/camille. and i suspect karl reed is your brother-in-law? he and i were good friends in high school. it's such a small world in mesa)

brady lady said...

welcome back kayleen welcome back.

remember salt n pepper?

ME said...

too sweet. dave asks me to "put on some r&b" in the car. we bump beyonce.

Sarah Williams said...

ok love the WT christmas card.
i also must admit i really like "ALL THE SINGLE LADIES" anyone who can rock and dance aroundin just a leotard on SNL is awesome. if you haven't seen the clip w/ justin timberlake- check it. it made me even like jt a little bit.

diana rose said...

kayleen i had no idea... could it be that your mexican friend is rubbing off on you too?

tell me that i am.

shall i make you a mix cd of all my guilty pleasures?

sarah said...

PLEASE can we go clubbing. there would be nothing funnier.

... hey, maybe i could rope me my very own scottsdale bro-bro.