i've never claimed to know much about taking pictures

the next time i do family portraits for friends, i'll have to remember the name akihiro furuta.
(found via photojojo)

i'll remember that backlight is always our friend, converting to black & white should never be a scary thing and doesn't have to take away from the photo's authenticity, dogs are people too, and costumes. lots and lots of costumes.

because we should try not to allude that the overly-proper nature of a typical family portrait is who our family is. who we are. -- we're much, much more than that.

Picnik collage


glasses are really hard to shoot


next christmas there'll be costumes for sure. (jax's got the idea, balancing that stick on his head.)


Jen said...

So Talented- Love the umbrella:)

Annelise H. Jensen said...

Hey Kayleen - what camera/lens do you use?

jaime said...


is that the denton's private jet? sweet.

Anonymous said...

Adell emailed me those pics last night and I couldn't stop looking at them---I think they turned out wonderfully. Isn't my nephew cute?

angela hardison said...

When I grow up and have a family of my own, I'll ask you to take our pictures.

And yes - I'd totally swap lives for a day. Especially because I'm pretty sure your boys would be a riot to hang out with. They're so adorable.

It's funny you say that because I kind of covet mothers - who are, you know, fulfilling their life's purpose. My time will come (hopefully).

sarah said...

you know i love your photo style. maybe you don't know that. well i do.

diana rose said...

yes, our private jet in our backyard.

thanks again, kays.

brady lady said...

i emailed you my address but i now have a different email address so it may show up in your junk/spam mail.

the pictures are great and you know it.

i saw linds new house yesterday and i loved it. i would've stopped by your place but i had to be home, john had softball games and he was watching the girls while i went to the mbm xmas party. i miss seeing all you guys. it seems like we all are doing different things now, we really don't know each other anymore. we still have high school though, fun times. i savor all those memories :)

Jaymee Sirrine said...

Hey Kayleen, it's Chris and Jaymee Sirrine from the ward. I love your pictures on here.. a lot of talent I see! What kind of camera do you use?

onehm said...

Oh, when I grow up I want to take pictures like these. Beautiful work!

MaMaMaMandy said...

I'm really surprised there was no snide comment from Sarah about the animals in costume. I'm pretty sure that ranks on her 10 most dispised things list. I like your pics Kayleen...wanna do some fam pics for us too?