of the money kind.
a substantial amount of cash was stolen from my wallet today by the lady behind me in the check-out line at linens 'n things.*

well who shops at linens 'n things anyway, kayleen? i know. i was solely there in order to buy new king size sheets for our new king size bed that i so carelessly boasted about receiving for free from kimballs in my previous post. so is this karma's fault? i don't think so. i think since diana and sarah w. decided that they were the ones deserving of all of the credit for the bed being gifted to us in the first place, then the real fault should lie with them...thanks for the new bed guys!

in only a few short months we've had baby shower gifts stolen from our home, then it was our tailgate, next my social security number, and now this. i'm convinced that people just really like stealing from us. (not that i can blame 'em. we have some pretty cool stuff.)

*of course there's no solid evidence proving that accusation, but i know it was her and she knows it too. i hope she really enjoys waking up to a big lump of coal in her stocking christmas morning.

**and "substantial" being completely relative -- it was probably circle K change to most.


From the Grid and Beyond (Emily) said...

Some people are just lame. I think Karma is going to come back and bite her in the bum.

blake said...


jaime said...

what the? how did someone behind you manage to steal money from your wallet? could it possibly be magic? (of the harry potter variety not the christmas miracle kind...)

and i hit up linens n' things the other day. going out of bizznezz? hardest.

kayleen said...

"out of my wallet" is a little too literal, it just sounded dramatic and i'm always dramatic. it was an AM cash card (later). set it down to sign my receipt, forgot to pick it back up. called to cancel it asap, but all of the money had already been spent at the target next door to linens 'n thingies.

i know. the sales are a-mazing.

Amy said...

That's so sad! So very, very sad.

But you are so right about those sales.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this from Aaron. I would be crying if that happened to us because that am card is our Christmas plus some. I think you deserve another.

kayleen said...

thanks linds. and i was crying. it was a rough day.

Anonymous said...

I hope you at least bought really, really nice sheets and had already spent most of what was on there.

sarah said...

in all my pondering, i've yet to come up with a good reason why you guys get so much stolen. it's really sad.

btw - if you're still in the market for a backup set, check ross/tj maxx. really good prices. and why are king size sheets so dad-blasted expensive. it's ridiculous.

diana rose said...

am i the only one who doesn't know what an AM cash card is? i feel out of the loop.

i would've been crying, too. i'm sorry.

kayleen said...

AMEX (forgot the EX), as in american express.

MaMaMaMandy said...

Is it like a pre-paid AMEX that isn't a credit card or something? Because you can ALWAYS get your money back- that is like their trademark for identity theft, etc...regardless, I'm sorry- people really suck it sometimes.

PS- You CAN buy regular KING sheets for that bed (even though it's a CAL KING), but they will fit really snug especially with the memory foam on top- hense the little blue corner thingies.