we've never been too good for a handout

and i doubt we'll ever be.

Picnik collage

so thank you kimballs for our new-to-us king size bed and a magical little thing called memory foam. our old queen was getting a little snug. funny how beds seem to shrink over the years.

as soon as we get around to painting our bedroom, which we've been meaning to do since we moved in, i'll show you our new burnt orange bedding that will someday be perfect against our newly colored walls -- that i'm sure we'll be getting around to finishing sooner or later. well, maybe eventually. but probably never.

(and snot-nosed pirates say arrggh.)
snot-nosed pirates say arrggh.


Jen said...

Yay for handouts! Love them!
Can't wait to see the bed room once it's completed.

See ya at the gym:)

sarah said...

that is a comfy bed. i got to sleep on it when in az last month.

(i just realized that might be a super weird awkward comment - me commenting about how i slept in your bed... oy, i'm making it worse now...)

lel's remains my awesomest kid ever that isn't my own.

From the Grid and Beyond (Emily) said...

I concur. Free stuff is the best and when it's a super comfy bed? Even better. And secondly--burnt orange is my favortite color. True story.

brady lady said...

seriously i wish someone would give me there king size bed. a queen it just way too small for two grown adults especially if you don't like to be touched or bothered at night, which i don't. honestly, i am thinking about getting two double beds, a his and a hers. i know sad but true.

diana rose said...

i was secretly hoping that you guys got the bed.

you have me and my shady english friends to partly thank for your good fortune. come on, it's christmas, let me in on the good works... the kimball's do enough good deeds. haha.

Sarah Williams said...

ya me too on the good works- we contributed to that bed. but i guess i don't really get the blessings b/c i'm trying to get credit for it.
its lame that your scrooge- im all over christmas, its my birthday. i'm actually over the top annoying and it usually lasts a good 3 months.

MaMaMaMandy said...

You know how we do...oh, and Blake and I slept in that bed too (just to add to the awkwardness- since that is also how I do)... glad to be of service...you guys are my hardest.

kayleen said...

you know my life motto: if you can't even share a bed with your closest friends...then what can you share?


kayleen said...

oh and mandy...us sharing this bed will be the closest you ever come to the adult sleep over you've been begging to have, so enjoy.

Anonymous said...

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