first day of fall

september 22nd, first day of fall
i now sympathize with my mother, who for my entire life served toast with only a spot of butter in the center of the bread instead of lovingly spreading the butter out evenly from crust to crust.
who has time to worry about spreading the butter? please. we're lucky it made it on the toast at all.
but fall is here and summer officially over. and even with the days slowly becoming shorter, production seems to pick up as the weather grows cooler. spirits are up and everyone(me) is a bit more patient and just overall happier.
happy, happy first day of fall -- it couldn't have come at a better time.

best reads this summer:
in cold blood. truman capote
catching fire. suzanne collins

the forest of hands and teeth (what a huge disappointment). carrie ryan
the hourglass door. lisa mangum


Artfulife said...

Have you read The Road? It's excellent.

kayleen said...

i have. and i loved it. one of the most beautifully written books i've ever read.

angela hardison said...

hooray for fall - i'm so happy about it. i just finished catching fire (so good). and i want that rug.

Jen said...

Is it really fall? Not at my house, I'm still sweating over here :)

Oh, I'm ready for another baby! So precious!

sarah said...

(love the house. i still can't believe the leather, i don't know why...)

if i were a snowbird, i think i'd like fall so much more. i'm really trying to enjoy it and not just dread the winter.

diana said...

spreading butter on toast is obnoxious anyways... who likes to deal with all the messy crumbs it makes.

oh, and stop making changes to your house and pretending like it's no big deal.

can't wait to see all the new stuff tomorrow!

glad your spirits are up... nothing like the best season of the year, to cheer a mama up.

brady lady said...

love that rug

aezra noell said...

she looks content there on the floor with her toy. la creme of the crop.

ames said...

i hate your rug

ames said...

who am i kidding....i love to hate your rug because the floors of my house are freezing and I have been searching for a good dhurrie and then i pop onto 'letters' and what do i see but an amazing rug. kayleen if you were a dhurrie you would be that exact one. that was suppose to be a compliment. hope in translated

kayleen said...

amy...it translated. we miss and love you guys. but i hate you for not inviting me to your blog. don't be lame.

ames said...

ummm, kayleen, i emailed you an invite. i hope you likey as much as i likey you and yours