if nothing works we'll do nothing

hide-and-go-seek with the boys. (they begged me to play all morning)
before i can even get "ready or not here i come" all the way out, elliot pops out from behind the door exclaiming he's been found while owen makes bird noises from under the bed and i pretend not to hear him.
i hide.
elliot counts...7 4 3 10!
they can't find me and when the moment's just right i jump out and scream, scaring them half to death. they both fall over laughing. (i think to keep from crying)
...and we do it all over again.
there are few moments i'd like to live in more than this one.
mew...beach (listen to it on repeat and play hooky from life for the day)


Mrs. Brown said...

you took the words right out of my mouth. hide (horribly)and seek (and scream) is a brown family favorite.

congratulations on little jonah. she is lovely.

brady lady said...

sounds extremely familiar! good to hear you're up and around!

kate lines said...

i love when you have music for us.

sarah said...

i think you might have changed my mind on mew. that song is just right.

diana said...

guitar/piano involved fhe's are some of my favorites.

diana said...

oh, that picture distracted me from what i was going to say...

i love those moments. how i wish i could package those moments away all neat and safe from my bad memory.

chelsea :: stock said...

what do owen's bird noises sound like?

someday you'll know around what age the kids were in this photograph because of the carpet on the floor. that, and the way they look.

•Sarah• said...