a 2nd round of the flu just reared it's ugly head in my body and said, "screw you". i blame elliot.

i woke spencer up at 2 am last friday morning complaining of a heart attack. literally. i thought i was dying.

(i literally die.)

anyway, i was hesitant to go to the hospital since we were in between insurances. you know, because if something is ever going to go wrong with my health then it waits for the only 2 weeks that we don't have health care. in my life, that makes complete sense. i get it.

i bit the bullet and hit up urgent care later that morning. they thought it may be a blood clot in my lungs caused by my surgery and requested a cat scan of my chest. and to a self-pay patient, the words cat scan are usually followed by a little hyperventilating, then a flood of tears, and finally an extremely uncomfortable PA twiddling her fingers and reaching for the nearest door.

it wasn't my finest moment.

once all was said and done, the cat scan came back clean and it ended up being a case of pleurisy. i know what you're thinking -- how very 18th century of me, right? i might as well have come down with a case of polio.

other than the bad luck with our health, things have been pretty run of the mill around here: up in the middle of the night (mostly with elliot -- if this pleurisy doesn't kill me, then i'm pretty sure he will), preschool, empty threats and timeouts, intending to make baby girl's blessing dress (i am CHOCK-FULL of good intentions lately!), and cat napping with a 10 lb bag of halloween candy.
this worries me
i won't lie...this picture worries me.


brady lady said...

it's better than sleeping with a teddy bear!

brady lady said...

oh and sorry your sick, that sucks, what sucks more is that hospital bill, geeze!

Jen said...

But it looks so soft and cuddly:)

diana said...

oh owen. hey at least he's napping, right?

p.s. get well soon over there.

sarahjane said...

Oh, no, Kayleen! Two bouts of the flu AND pleurisy!? That's just ridiculous. But that photo with the candy almost makes up for it. Feel better soon!

Cicily said...

Whats wrong with sleeping with candy? You are so old fashioned.

afton said...

sometimes when i think he can't get anymore awesome he goes and sleeps with a 10 lb bag of candy. yes.

Annelise H. Jensen said...

what is pleurisy?!? My niece woke up the middle of the night, snuck into the kitchen and ate an entire bag of Halloween candy and puked the entire next day.