the telling gets old

day 4.

i bought sunscreen for the kids this week. bah, it's that close.
let's all wear our cardigans and sweater tights one last time and try not to think about it.

today the boys played out back in perfect nonweather - not hot, not cold, so perfect you don't even notice it. - just long enough for me to watch the second half of the bachelor: the women tell all (appropriately titled) on hulu. - i've never seen an episode, but after a conversation about it with a friend, my interest piqued.
i have to believe they're acting because the alternative is way too embarrassing for me to take.

jake, you're gross. rico suave gross.
go team rozlyn.


brady lady said...

boo rozlyn!

just admit you might be watching the bachelor next season! oh come on it's the greatest!

brady lady said...

still trying to figure out what that picture is of? any hints?

kayleen said...

my work is open to interpretation. - it's whatever you want it to be, brady.

no, it's a pinwheel.

won't be watching ba again. i prefer my trashy reality dating shows to be vh1 related.

diana said...

please tell me i'm that "friend".

anyways, that episode was the worst one for you to "catch-up" on, but i can't believe the forced producer encouraged drama isn't sucking you in.

kayleen said...

yes, you.

and maybe topanga on the dish as well.

sarah said...

topanga on the dish. who would've thought.

jake is shmarmy to the max.