i admire a girl who's not afraid to be ugly

the only thing more depressing than the day after christmas was the end of last month's dopplegänger week on facebook. i think i laughed more in that week than i ever have. (with you. always with you, never at you.)

there were far too many fantastic lookalikes to mention them all, - who knew i had so many friends that resembled heidi klum in a bikini on the beach? weird. - but the votes are in and the dopplegänger crown goes out to aaron h as john candy's character, barf, from spaceballs.

you win. congratulations.

ah, that blessed, blessed week has proven to be revealing of all of us and i find your confidence astounding, friends. - and for that i salute you.

as for us? well...
our parents have clearly failed us.
Picnik collage
mr. and mrs. reed
sadly, fb has peaked and now there's nowhere for any of it to go but down. i don't sign on that thing to k.i.t., so what am i supposed to do with my time now? - tend to home and family? school work? (suddenly, and embarrassingly, start posting to my blog every day?) don't be ridiculous.

the silver lining of it all, as with every bout of monotony-induced depression, is the amount of movies i've recently ingested. i love nothing more than a good movie binge and rachel getting married was by far the most surprising of the lot: an a cappella version of unknown legend? my heart be still, i think i'm in love.

tunde, i'm feeling you. don't ever change.

**these photos you see here have been pirated....so what? big deal.


sarah said...

did you really just post 4 blog entries in 2 days? i don't know who you are anymore.

Spencer said...

apparently you never did. kays has a perfectly predictable cycle. binge, purge, repeat.

kayleen said...

true story. it's how i do.

abby said...

you are so freaking funny.

Mimi said...

I purposely opted out of the doppleganger thing. However, if I had thought of Heidi Klum, I probably would have gone with that one.

kayleen said...

i can see that.