valentines is for lovers

what do you do when valentines lands on match day?

this is one of the best things i've seen in a long time. brought a tear to the eye.
(found via dave t - who, completely off topic and quoting my husband, "...is so uninhibited he could be a scout leader." ah scouts, how i loathe thee, equally life ruining as basketball season.)


angela hardison said...


i sort of hate scouts too, and we're not even involved in it. i was a little bit irked when during church we were asked to donate money to 'friends of scouting'... especially when i see the scouts use money for unnecessary trips to amazing jake's and weekly visits to QT.

also hear you on the basketball season thing.

ME said...

kayleen i for realz got teary. but i get teary over google commercials..

afton said...

i like to keep this unread in my google reader just so i can watch it every day. i feel like its going to make for a much better day!

diana said...

spencer's comment regarding dave is spot on. love it.

Jen said...

Ha Ha! I so love this song & haven't heard it forever.
It touched me :)