use your words

day 1.*

off to fail my bio exam.
for reals. completely bombed it. - i blame the public school system's low expectations for me as a youth.
at least my pants were ridiculously loud. and i came home from failed exam, just like every other school day, extremely grateful for the significant other (that's spencer).
community college is easily the best thing to ever happen to us.

but still, microbiology is killing my spirit a little.

*photo a day.


brady lady said...

microbiology? i was enrolled in that this semester but ditched out last minute, for personal reasons. but that sucks, sorry.

afton said...

i almost bought those pants. (gap?) glad i didn't. you wear them so much better.

meg said...

at least you can rock some awesome yellow pants.

diana said...

ava has those exact same pants.

i'll make sure to dress her in them the same day you wear yours.

kayleen said...

thanks, meg.

aft, gap. on sale for $8.99? i'd wear fuschia pants for that price.

d, please do. i have a feeling it'd make her feel insanely awkward.

brady, you've been "in school" even longer than i have. and that makes me feel good.

kate lines said...

as a gap employee (yes, i am happy about the fact) i had my eye on the last pair of yellow cords in my size. and, knowing we were doing mark-downs in two days, nervously waited.

they sold the next day.

damn it.

that's really how mad i was. afton is right though, you were them well and probably better.

kate lines said...

*wear them.

man, i've got to read my comments before i push publish.

chelsea :: stock said...

I hated you for a full 24 hrs for being able to pull off yellow pants. no, really, it was pretty wrathful.

Tirsa Baker said...

I loved microbiology. Let me know if you need anything! I guess bacteria and parasites are my thing. Keeps you grounded.

kayleen said...

i thought that was gravity. (thank you. i'm here all week.)

i guess i prefer not to know what's under my kids fingernails.

brady lady said...

it's true, i have been in school a very very long time, but i do have a bachelor's degree for some of it!

what you got?

ps - im gonna be a doctor some day.. well a PA (close enough)

kayleen said...

all 'some day' means is probably never.

but good luck with that.

sarah said...

i was talked out of buying those pants, and i sorely regret it.

whuddup skinny legs....