lo-fi is the new hi-fi

day two. lo-fi is the new hi-fi
day 2.

catching rain.
sometimes life is just good. really, really good.
"no lists of things to be done. the day providential to itself. the hour.
there is no later. this is later....
the frailty of everything revealed. old and troubling issues resolved into nothingness and night.
look around you. ever is a long time.
but the boy knew what he knew.
that ever is no time at all."
--cormac mccarthy (the road)
ah, mr mccarthy, our hats are off to you, good sir.


chelsea :: stock said...

cinderblock fences make me nostalgic.

nostalgic for car frames, potato bugs, baby swings and grass houses where the mower never reached. thanks for the reminder.

diana said...

i'm impressed with your shutter speed and it's ability to stop the rain in its tracks.

great pic. great quote.

angela hardison said...

there were so many beautiful passages in that book. they more than made up for all the creepy parts.

sarah said...

i gotta read that book.