you're a parenthesis

a word to the wise, if you regularly update your browser and all of the sudden the saturation of the pictures stored in your flickr album is hanging around an alarming eleven, do not manually edit every photo. i repeat: do not. manually. edit. every. photo. it's more than likely a simple error with the browser's color configuration that can be easily fixed in 30 seconds or less. fml.

i don't know if i'm more upset with firefox or with my own thought process that led me to believe some glitch in the system was creeping into every photo i store online and changing the basic parameters i set for it. i want my entire month back.

oh well, here we are together in obnoxious abundance anyway. (drink it all in.) jan-feb 2010:
i'll pull the curtains and blinds to let the light in
there's a perfectly good explanation for this
sunday afternoons are bbbbback. back.
photo by owen
photo by owen
photos: elliot has randomly said to me twice, my eyes are biting. once for tired eyes and again days later for sad ones. it's the most sense he's ever made. o-frog. s-dog. i'll pull the curtains and blinds to let the light in. there's a perfectly good explanation for this. whaaaat? sunday afternoons are bbbbback. (back.) knobby knees. naughty kids. knotty pine. i apologize for the numerous toe shots. gross, i know. if you knew i'd been secretly parting my hair down the middle, would we still be friends? hypothetically speaking. listening to new beach house: norway. - in so much love.
i'm a parenthesis.


chelsea :: stock said...

I've been parting my hair down the middle in the secrecy of my own bathroom. I look funny. but I pretend it's as cool as an UO model.

I did miss you. and photos of my family. oooh those children.

check your mail for valentines today.

Marisa said...

love your photos -- there's a lot of energy in them.

stumbled on your blog somehow. cheers!

diana said...

fave's include but not limited to, jonah and the lizard and hiding momma.

good luck with the hair parting... it's never treated me well.

oh, and lell's, my eyes bite too.

sarah said...

i tried the part down the middle last sunday, a wildly unsuccessful attempt at channeling my inner farrah fawcett. turns out farrah and i only share rhyming names.