if i could open my arms and span the length of [arizona]

...i'd bring it to where you are.

day 23

vintage clothing shop with friend, sarah. love.

and flour.
(for those whose day-to-day lives are much, much fancier than my own.)


Jen said...

You have amazing talent!
Love the peach/salmon color

diana said...

i'm stoked this is up and running.


p.s. i want that green spring tunic, until i see it on your skinny body and realize it won't look the same on me.

afton said...

i want that salmon colored lace dress like whoa. (inspirational get skinny item perhaps?)

you're skinny beyond belief.

kayleen said...

it's all about the angle of the camera, ladies. you know me.

MaMaMaMandy said...

Yeah honestly that coral dress with jacket is a little piece of heaven...I can dream, can't I?