i should've rented a clown


you turned the big 3 today. it was quite the event.

(okay. it was really just pizza and cookies at the park. but you were excited and that's all that really matters anyway.)

your sparkler candles weren't very sparkly. your cookie cake not very cake-y. but you didn't complain once. you were just happy to be there. and that's what i like about you.

you seemed genuinely pleased with the vintage fisher price gifts from your father and me. i know you were hoping for something cool like the 1970's A-frame house or family camper, but the amusement park and school days desk was the best we could do. (and let's face it. your dad and i aren't really "that cool" anyway.)
Picnik collage

Picnik collage

i hope you weren't too disappointed with your lackluster day. but you're 3. what did you expect? plus, how could you stay sad with the lil' homie coloring book that ava got you? come on. it has a hair pick and b ball maze. how fun is that?
'lil homie coloring book

happy birthday o's. (you're getting so old.)


...alright. who invited the diva?
alright. who invited the diva?


sarah said...

you'd never believe the guilt i felt after you had to tell me it was o's bday. i'm such a bad friend. but, to attempt to justify myself, i can barely remember my parents bdays...

happy birthday owen. we wish we could've been at your party. we would've totally trumped fantastic ava's present to you... (or tried to slip you a ten spot to make up the difference.)

(x-process is good, right? so good.)

sarah said...

(i meant to say "ava's fantastic present" but "fantastic ava" works too. maybe even better.)

jaime said...

i totally had that school desk. how legit is vintage fisher price? oh the memories...

and i'm pretty sure i've never laughed harder then when you unveiled the hair pick and basketball maze. stereotypes are hilarious. kudos to ava for passing them on.

happy b-day owen. you're a hard guy.

kayleen said...

sar...don't feel guilty. i'm not real big into birthdays (as the evidence shows). i have to ask spencer when his is again all the time.

(pics edited with the "polaroid" filter under the "curves" section. but almost identical to x-process. [you hated me a little bit for copying you, right?])

jaime...ava's all about stereotypes. she can get away with it.

brady lady said...

happy b-day owie! alexis and owen share the same b-day, only one year apart. love the school desk gift, i had one of those when i was little and i loved it, where did you find something like that? brings back memories, i am so old!

Cicily said...

That is too funny, I almost bought that desk and that roller coaster thing from Treasures. I was sucked into buying Western Town and the Tudor house though, oh the memories.

diana rose said...

how come i've never seen the f.p. amusement park??
the a-frame house- check
school days desk- check
family camper- check
the parking garage- check

but never the amusement park, i would've been all over that!

glad you liked my lil' home girl's gift to your son. but seriously, she looks so scraggly and dirty in that pic. sorry, the homeless diva child crashed your party.